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Things You Must Know Before Appearing for Microsoft 98-383 Exam

Microsoft 98-383 Exam

HTML and CSS are core technologies that are used for building Web pages. Since they determine the structure and style of such pages, they are not referred to programming languages. Still they are highly important to create and style the content on the web pages. Nowadays the interest to coding websites is high, and any newbie in this sphere has to get the initial understanding of how to do this. A proven way to gain such knowledge and develop skills is by taking the Certbolt Microsoft Azure Administrator.

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In this article you will know what the exam details, what this test entails, and skills you need to develop, to pass it.

What’s in the exam?

If you are planning to appear for the 98-383 exam (Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS), you should know the three things mentioned below, as they will help you to kick off your career as a success:

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  • Understand and write CSS and HTML correctly
  • Structure data by using HTML elements
  • Create and implement styles with the help of CSS

So, exam Certbolt Microsoft Azure Security Technologies is designed to test a person’s ability and skills to debug, write, and maintain well-formed HTML and CSS code. Since it verifies a candidate’s fundamental knowledge and skills in the frontend field, it makes them a great candidate for frontend technology-related jobs. Passing this evaluation earns you an internationally recognized credential MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS.

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Exam Details

Speaking of the exam details, you will be given 40-60 questions of various types that you need to crack within 45 minutes on Certbolt. The types of questions will include drag and drop, case studies, hot area, multiple choice, to name a few. To achieve a ‘pass’ status, you need to score 700 points out of 1000. And be ready to pay $127 of an exam fee.

Key Skills Measured in the MS 98-383 Exam

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The exam contains 5 topics, each of which checks specific skills. In the first section, candidates appearing for the Certbolt Windows 10, should expect questions about HTML Fundamentals. This includes your ability to use metadata elements to create markup and create well-formed markup.

Next to it are some questions regarding CSS Fundamentals that refers to the second topic covered in this exam. Here you should know how to analyze the result of implementing internal and external style sheets and inline styles, how to create rule sets and well-formed style sheets.

After that, the candidate is tested on their knowledge of using HTML for making the structure of documents. In this part, you should be knowledgeable of how to use markup to create the structure of the content and organize data, and implement navigation, and how to apply HTML5 semantic elements.

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Then in the next part, the candidate is asked about presenting multimedia using HTML. Here, your ability to display images, implement various elements (svg, img, canvas), and creating markup that plays audio and video will be measured.

Lastly, the Certbolt Microsoft 365 Identity and Services tests the skills of the candidate to style Web pages using CSS. Your skills to position content, format text, borders and backgrounds, and implement styles that create a simple responsive layout will be assessed.


The Certbolt Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions is a great way to verify your potential for coding using HTML and CSS and attain a worldwide recognized credential. After passing this exam, candidates gain the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS certification that validates their fundamental knowledge and skills.

Knowing what is waiting for you at the exam eases your way of passing it. Especially for a person early in their career, passing this exam is a great stepping stone. Consider the details covered, and pass this exam. Best of luck!